The Growing Rift Between Germany and the United States

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I previously wrote about how T-Mobile could easily leave the US out in the cold as far as supplying communications technology in “World Strife, Israel at War, Germany Distances From USA Yet Again, What Is the Solution?“, where I noted that they ended a Verizon contract after concerns when they found out even Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone had been hacked.  Today, I posted on the technology blog “Der Spiegel on NSA Breaching Deutschetelekom (T-Mobile) and Stellar Satellite Company” about how it was recently reported that the NSA had actually breached the networks of the German Stellar satellite company, including one document showing a server password.

Let’s face it: The rift between Germany and the US is going to turn into a chasm at some point.  Most of the world has become suspicious of US motives, but Germany particularly so.  Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany, and she is pretty sensitive to heavy-handed tactics that our NSA has become accustomed to.

The rest of the world is becoming more suspicious of us as well.  I saw this morning that eight health workers in Guinea were bludgeoned to death because the locals believed that they were spreading the Ebola virus rather than trying to eradicate it.  We arm one side in the Middle East, and then a few years later we switch sides and try to put down our former allies.

Did you know we are still using drones in Yemen?  Somalia?  Have you seen a map of Africa where we have military?  In June 2013, Mail & Guardian: Africa’s Best Read posted this “Graphic: US military’s presence in Africa“:

US military presence in Africa, June 2013From: Mail & Guardian: Africa's Best Read

US military presence in Africa, June 2013
From: Mail & Guardian: Africa’s Best Read

That was a year ago, and we are now sending 3,000 more to Guinea.  We are spreading ourselves thin.

Back to Germany, Herman Hoeh wrote “Germany in Prophecy?”  He outlines how Germany has been instrumental in holding together western civilization for much of history, but they have felt they were the successors of Rome and were the called out ones who replaced the Jews.

Having such a presence in history, and the Reformation is but just a sample of how German thought has influenced the world, there are some questions one might ask.

Bible prophecies definitely mention such minor nations as Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon. It clearly mentions Russia, China, Italy, Turkey, Great Britain and the United States. Could Bible prophecy, then, ignore Germany? Could it overlook the German people who have played such an outstanding part in human history?

Assuredly not! Nor are the German people ignored!

Hoeh went on to identify Germany as the descendants of ancient Assyria, and he found ancient claims that Germany was founded by a “son of Ninus — the Nimord of the Bible”.  He also wrote how history shows they invaded Europe from their migration through the Black and Caspian Seas.

However, there still is a lot of prophecy related to Germany that is to come to pass.  In fact, it will once again be at odds with the descendants of Israel, who today are the Anglo-Saxon founded nations, including the UK and the US.  There is a reason for this growing rift.  There is a reason that UK’s relationship with the EU is often rocky.  Prophecy points out that Europe will eventually turn against both!


Even as God dealt with ancient Israel and punished them by sending the Assyrians against them, God is not yet through dealing with the descendants of Israel, or the world at large for that matter.  Israel did not live up to its role then, and it has failed in these end times.  The US was once a nation proud of its religiosity, but now it puts away all public mention of God.

33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Mt 10:33

Now, there’s a sobering thought!

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