Number 7 and Pentecost (and the other festivals)

Calendar under magnifying glass

A man dreams about the number 7 all night long. He wakes up, and the clock says 7:07. He is ready to dismiss it as coincidence but then looks at his phone and realizes it is July 7th. “It must be a sign!” he says out loud. So, he gets…

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Why Pentecost Does Not Symbolize Return of Christ

And here’s the rub. Most of the people who exhibit cognitive dissonance are either not uncomfortable about it at all, or they ignore whatever momentary discomforts might pop up and just breeze on by them.   ~ Concretized Christianity, “An Example of Cognitive Dissonance in the Church“ I’ve written about…

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Jewish Pentecost Tradition Not a Calendar Issue

Some #BiblicalCalendar advocates say that if we follow the Jewish calendar, we should keep the same #DayOfPentecost, but that is illogical. We are not Jewish.  Such a statement should not surprise you. There are a number of things Jews believe which we do not, and even Jesus had to counter…

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