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HWA once wrote “Local Assemblies Are NOT Social Clubs”, but do we heed? You have heard me say often that most of the worldly churches have degenerated into SOCIAL CLUBS. Most of us probably would never believe that could happen to any of US! We just don’t think of ourselves […]

Do We Take the Holy Days Seriously?

What do gay activists, King Saul, King David, Job and probably you and I have in common? Some things that I hope you and I can agree upon: 1. Passover and the accompanying foot washing ceremony should teach us about humility.  2. In addition, the death of Jesus Christ for […]

Indiana Religious Objection Bill, Entitlement, Passover and the Feast Days ...

[This article is an updated reprint.] The popular saying is to choose/pick your battles, but how should that really apply in a Christian’s life? Well, it has been interesting here in Ohio of late. Recently, a transgender teen took their life, and their story went international. Yesterday, the news broadcast […]

Choose Your Battles? Causing Division Over the Calendar and Other ...