Can you handle freedom?

black soldiers fighting germans wwii

I hope everyone in the United States had a meaningful Independence Day, a day where freedom is the main theme. Let me ask you, though, can you handle freedom? Can humanity handle freedom? Recent events and trends suggest otherwise. What is the problem? For all the talk about freedom, what…

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Plagues of Egypt

Our friends from down under have produced a video online course about the Plagues of Egypt. I’m sure it will be interesting to all. Standard disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Common Faith Academy, and this is not to be considered a wholehearted endorsement of all beliefs represented (and indeed…

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Number 7 and Pentecost (and the other festivals)

Calendar under magnifying glass

A man dreams about the number 7 all night long. He wakes up, and the clock says 7:07. He is ready to dismiss it as coincidence but then looks at his phone and realizes it is July 7th. “It must be a sign!” he says out loud. So, he gets…

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