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I had been using Simple Local Avatars for, well, a long time as a plugin to allow users to upload an avatar to replace the blah avatars that come with WordPress. Unfortunately, this plugin seems to have been abandoned since two years ago, so I reluctantly replaced it with another. […]

Avatar Changes

Now that so-called same-sex “marriage” has been legalized, now what? [Ironically, this post was originally posted 2 years to the day (which means this is the anniversary of the act that prompted the post to begin with) that this edited repost has been put up. Given yesterday’s landmark decision, it […]

United Sodom of America

Even if we are correct, it is often better to shut up and say nothing. You know, we Christians can sometimes be hard on Jewish traditions. It is true that Jesus often called out the Pharisees for their traditions, but we forget that He only did so when it conflicted […]

It’s Not About Platitudes When Confronted With Suffering