Who Is John D?

This blog is not about me, but it is related to my spiritual journey.  I’m not a theologian by education, but I’ve studied the Bible and various religions much of my life.  I was introduced early on to a very different way of looking at Christianity because my father knew that the world’s churches not only did not practice what they preached but even taught things directly contrary to what the Bible, their supposed source of their beliefs, says to do.

I am passionate about Christ, but I’m also a computer geek by trade.  I like to analyze things and work through problems logically.  That’s what I appreciate about Herbert W Armstrong’s (HWA) teachings, as most of them were based upon logically resolving various Scriptures into a fantastic harmony.  “Don’t believe me, believe your Bible!” he used to thunder.  “Believe God!”  That’s what I endeavor to do to this day.

I have written extensively about technology, religion and business on various platforms.  From time to time, I may point out various articles of interest on Yahoo!, Helium or other sites.  Hopefully, all of these will work together to challenge you to examine not only what you believe but why you believe it.  May God use this platform to lead you into all truth, as Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would do to His disciples.

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