Links List

This is not an attempt to list every COG site out there.  Rather, it is an attempt to list the most relevant or interesting ones.  Listing a site is not an endorsement of that site, and some sites listed may even be hostile to COG theology.  The reader is cautioned to use discretion and discernment as necessary.

COG sites are organized by official sites, publications, Bible study resources and blogs/commentary sites. Some sites have been moved to “Anti-COG Sites”, even if they outwardly appear to be part of the larger COG sites but are hypercritical and, especially, engage in slander. Official and unofficial sites that support destructive cults like PCG and RCG have been moved to their own category as well. A destructive cult not only engages in heresy, but they openly abuse their membership. Keep in mind there is a great deal of overlap in these areas, so categorization is admittedly subjective.



Bethel Church of God

Legacy Institute

Living Church of God

United Church of God, an International Association

Church of God, a Worldwide Association

Church of God’s Faithful

Church of God International

Intercontinental Church of God

Church of God (Seventh Day)

Wheatland Church of God (this organization has a few sites, but this seems to be the “new” official one)

Church of God, established in Modesto (Steven LeBlanc)

Continuing Church of God (Robert Thiel)

Church of the Eternal God (Norbert Link)

Sabbath Church of God (Warren Zehrung )



Legacy Leader Newsletter (Legacy Institute)

Vertical Thought (UCG) — archived, replaced by Beyond Today Magazine

The Journal News of the Churches of God

Front Page |

Triumph Prophetic Ministries NewsFlash

The REAL TRUTH – A Magazine Restoring Plain Understanding (RCG)

Prevail Magazine (CGI)


Bible Study Resources:

THE Bible Study Web Site at You Have Questions, The Bible Has Answers! (this used to be a rather valuable website, but it still seems to have some value)

Bible Tools (CGG)

Giving and Sharing

Association for Christian Development

Studies in the Word of God (Church of God Most High, an obviously unitarian group)

Golden Sheaves

Origins of Nations

HWA Research Centre Serving the Churches of God

Herbert W Armstrong Library

7th Day Sabbath Churches of God (Directory and Bible studies of various organizations)

The Master’s Table (Timothy Youngblood)

Blow the Trumpet

Church of God Web Services

World Watch Today (COG, eiM)

Map of Canaan (published by LDS Church)

Future Watch (“News Before It Happens”)

Hebert W Armstrong (Library, sermons, and lots of stuff you may not have seen in a long time)

Worldwide Church of God Archives


Blogs and Commentaries:

Church of God Perspective Blog

Church of God News (Robert Thiel)

Preaching the Gospel

Thoughts En Route

Life Hope & Truth (COGWA)

Roger Waite’s Website

Concretized Christianity

Sabbath Thoughts

Faro Latinoamericano (Spanish, UCG leaning)


Anti-COG Sites

Grace Communion International (was once the Worldwide Church of God)

TheShiningLight Blog!


Destructive Cults

Philadelphia Church of God

Restored Church of God