The World’s Holidays

Where in the Bible is Easter kept?  Why don’t we see the apostles keeping Christmas?  Are these holidays even Christian?

The World’s Holidays: Satan’s Counterfeits

When Is the Beginning of the New Year?

Valentine’s Day, Isn’t It All About Love?

Mardi Gras and Carnival: Christian or Debauchery?

Ash Wednesday: Should You Participate? What About Lent?

Should Christians Celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

Found: The Real Patrick Was not a Catholic “Saint”!

Atheists, Fools, Arrogance and Spaghetti: What’s the Deal With April Fools’ Day?

Should Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday?

Good Friday – Easter Sunday: 3 Days and 3 Nights?

What Day Was Jesus Resurrected?

Bunnies and Eggs Are the Real Easter

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