Prophetic News Watch: Scottish Independence Referendum Voted Down


I’ve had but a little interest in the goings on in Scotland with the recent vote for independence from the UK.  However, I stress “little” for a good reason.  Either way, the UK is weakened, and that is the real point.

As The Guardian posted yesterday in “Scottish independence referendum: final results in full“, 53.3% voted against independence, while 44.7% voted for independence.  It strikes me that this is the closest vote I can ever remember, and I doubt it will be the last.

Why do I think that?  For one thing, anything that is that close is bound to come up as an issue over and over until either the voter demographic changes or something comes along to greatly alter the political landscape.  I mean, a war might change things, or it might not.

I cannot let this go, however, without pointing out that America is just as divided on several issues, being split almost down the middle.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half [pick a topic] and half [the opposing view].

~ Abraham Lincoln, obviously altered

I don’t mean to trivialize slavery, but I also do not wish to trivialize the danger that the predominantly Anglo-Saxon descendants are in.  Originally a people who at least paid lip service to God, we are now putting forth our various ideas based upon self and our own goodness, thus paving the way for destruction.

I was listening to a BBC broadcast about the Scottish referendum.  One commentator put forth the view that the result of the vote did not much matter.  Because the vote is so close, England and Scotland are going to have to hammer out a new relationship.

IOW, even less unity than before.

Have you ever considered the ripple effect upon world history if the American Civil War went the other way?  We would likely all be speaking German now, for one thing.  The freedoms we enjoy would likely have gone down the toilet as totalitarian forces filled the void.

There is a void developing right now, though.  As the UK becomes ever weaker and the US steps back from its position as world leader, there is a vacuum.  Totalitarian forces will be very glad to fill it.

Indeed, Bible prophecy shows that there will be a totalitarian power arise and dominate the affairs of the entire world for a short while.  It will begin to unravel towards the end, and the world will be plunged into a great war that will threaten the existence of human life on the planet.

However, there is a greater power that will step in to stop it all.  By rejecting this power, nations will be in chaos and confusion.  However, since mankind will not voluntarily yield to God, God will have to step in and stop the madness before we blow each other up!

What follows, though, is a time of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all, not just a few.  God speed that day!

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