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  1. I heard Mike Hanisko’s Q & A session, recorded 25th December. It sounded very positive, and struck a very different note to what we have been use to the last ten years. An association of churches – will we even need a headquarters? Mike speculated. Funds collected locally, church organised locally.

    Now this was sounding interesting! And Mike Hanisko is on the board of the new COGaWA. Can we really be having a fresh approach?

    However now we have the official COG WA site online.

    What has happened to Mike Hanisko’s loose association? The new site states:-

    “Concerning the corporations in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere), they were started as a temporary necessity. There was a need for members to have a place to send their tithes and there was a need for an entity to pay the bills of local congregations. The intent is to wind them down once the new organization is viable.”

    So in less than a week after Mike’s speculative Q & A session, local churche autonomy is to be phased out – so we are going for the standard central corporation concept.

    Mike was also implying much more member involvement. What are the rules for the coming conference?

    The statement is made that we believe that it is the role “of the ordained ministry to make the decisions”, and “We are asking that members….understand that they are there as observers”.

    Sound familiar? Is everything heading for a clone of the old system? But Mike Hanisko is on the board, which must help. Perhaps not – “All of these positions on both the corporate board and the leadership team will expire on 11th January 2011”.

    Oh well – for a week it sounded good………

  2. Kevin McMillen from West Virginia

    I made a donation today to the COG aWa, and signed it "Yeah right".

  3. In Chile, the Worldwide Association will not meet the points of ethics, local elder said in the ad.


  4. @Anonymous: Well, the Babelfish translator is a little rough, but it appears to be concerning local laws regarding property. That was actually covered in one of the COGWA conferences as well. Essentially, if there remains no one in the area to return property to, no one is expected to pay a fortune to ship it to Cincinnati.

    In any event, the Church has always tried to conform to local laws wherever possible. In fact, we are commanded to do so in the Bible as long as it does not contradict God's Law.

    So, without specific allegations, it seems a bit moot.