The Value of People

Seth Godin wrote on his blog Seth’s Blog the article “Losing Andrew Carnegie“. Andrew Carnegie, of course, wrote many works on the value of people in the workplace. Godin asked the question if there were any large corporations “today that still believe this?”

I’m all for process. I am a certified project manager, after all. However, when process becomes king and people become secondary, perhaps it is time to take another look.

It’s the tyranny of the process. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. The telemarketer that has the script to read, the tech support person who wants you to do something that doesn’t make sense, and then there are the automated phone trees. Do they save time? Usually not, if you are on the receiving end of it. More efficient? Only rarely. People are unique individuals with individual problems, and most automated systems break down easily because none of them can handle the millions of variables that come at them.

A process is only good if it is adaptable. It is only as valuable as the customer who gets left out in the cold. The more valuable the customer that gets left out, the more negative the number.

Is it any wonder in an impersonal world that so many feel alienated?


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