Pre-Sabbath Letter to Brethren from Roy Holladay « Inside United: Realtime

Yesterday and today were rather hectic.  Actually, a lot more than hectic, but I’ll spare you the details.  With everything going on, I’ve been burning the candle on both ends.  I actually wasn’t going to post anything at all today, but then this came up.

Roy Holladay posted a “Pre-Sabbath Letter to Brethren" on the Inside United: Realtime blog (the new somewhat more official one, in case you missed it).  If you are interested in the goings on at UCG, you probably want to check it out.

Actually, he makes a good point about being visible members of God’s Church (and I don’t think he is necessarily excluding anyone in UCG, lest you get me wrong here).  The Jonah comparison is a little curious, though, but I’ll refrain from nit-picking.

Have a great and blessed Sabbath, everyone!



    I thought Mr. Holladay's comments about lessons from the book of Jonah were good. I am all in favor of UCG doing more to preach the gospel the the world. That seemed to be their plan from the beginning, but somehow it was never given much priority till now.

  2. John D Carmack It's just that Jonah has a quite a few subplots for such a short book. As long as you stick to the main story, everything is OK. However, and esp. in times of stress and emotion, it can be easily misinterpreted or even read into. Personally, I probably would have looked for a different example if for no other reason than all the other things going on. Honestly, during normal times, it probably wouldn't have even occurred to me.