The Ronald Weinland Appreciation Society

I am not making this up.  On Facebook, there is a group called The Ronald Weinland Appreciation Society.  Yes, that’s it’s real name.

Well, I do post links from time to time.

OK, if that’s too boring for you, then you can check out the parody of Ronald Weinland at The Spoof’s article “Ronald Weinland gives reasons for the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland”.


  1. Given the "photos" posted at the Facebook site, I'm honestly not sure what to think of this.

    Were the founders sincere? Did critics hijack it, or create it in parody? It's certainly a curious thing — but I'm far more likely to follow that than Farmville. 🙂

    When I read The Spoof satire, it sounded a bit like an explanation Fred Phelps would use.

    The Onion "quoted" God in a satire the other day, claiming recent far-flung earthquakes are part of His "mysterious ways" campaign.

  2. John D Carmack

    @Richard: Ugh! Phelps? Hard to view it as the least bit humorous in that light!

    My take on the FB group is that it probably was originally setup as a valid group sometime in 2007. If you read the Information panel, it sounds quite serious. In fact, it is evident that there are still a couple of die-hards on it. However, sometime before 14 Sept 2009, it appears that RW declared that "There will be no Facebook and MySpace in the Millennium, but there will be e-mail." So, I'd say it was generally abandoned by many at that point.