Concretized Christianity on God's Omnipotence

On the question of God’s omnipotence, but especially the question, “Are God and Jesus Christ Limited In What They Can Do?”, Concretized Christianity writes:

I would hope that we would all immediately say, “No!” But I’m asking a deeper question that goes beyond the surface knowledge answer we have and into how and what we think about G…
Source: Are God and Jesus Christ Limited In What They Can Do? | Concretized Christianity

This is an important question whose answer seems to have taken a weird turn in recent years. More and more people, against everything the Bible says, have taken the heretical stance of “God cannot…”.

Yet, even stranger, there are those who claim God is omnipotent but not omniscient. I hear this heresy a lot these days. “God does not know who will respond to His calling”, or some variant thereof, is especially popular, even amongst ministers. Well, you cannot have it both ways. If God is omnipotent, then by definition He is omniscient. You can have omniscience but not be able to do anything about it, but you simply cannot have omnipotence without knowledge. It is illogical.
Even more illogical it is to limit the One Who created everything including time itself. Either God is in charge of His creation, or His creation is in charge of Him.
When you truly think about it, isn’t that the same question the serpent posed to Eve? “Hath God said …? … Ye shall not surely die. For God doth know that ….” IOW: You can be gods yourselves, because God simply is trying to control you and have power over you that He does not have the right to have. He is actually much weaker than He makes Himself out to be, and He really isn’t in control of His creation.
It is important to separate the lies of the enemy from the truth in this matter. God controls what He wishes to control and when He wishes to control it. The article I linked to gives a long list of important Bible verses that point this out. God desires that you and I have free will, but he places us in a limited environment to shape us and test us in order to prevent a worse fate than Satan’s rebellion. I stress worse because it is often said, “God does not want millions of Satans running around.” While this saying speaks to a very real truth, like most sayings it does not do the reality justice. For “gods”, which the sons and daughters of The God will become, have vastly more power than Satan could ever muster up!
If I gave you a time machine, would you go back into time and “fix” something. Sounds like science fiction, right? I suggest to you that our trust must be so concrete, so firmly planted in God’s character and being, that we would without hesitation say, “No. I trust God, past, present and future, and He knew what was right then, He knows what is right now, and He knows what is right for the future.
God’s omnipotence is boundless, but He created things that run by rules, and He willingly binds Himself by those rules. We have to be willing and able to do the same, except in our case we must learn to live by His rules. In all things.
Faith is in trusting the person and character of God, but it also means trusting in His competency, His ability, to get the job done.
Truly it is written:

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
~ Ro 8:28

“We know” = we can have the faith, the confidence, the assurance, that these things can be done. “All things” = the universe and all that transpires within it, even the struggle against great evils in this world.
These things are for our good. God could have kept it all to Himself and the Word, could He have not? Yet, He designed a plan to share it with others and create a great family.
That is a great comfort in a truly insane world where things are getting more and more insane every day.

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