Pentecost — it should bring many things to mind. However, among the things that one should think about are the fruits of the Spirit. One of these is faithfulness.
This is a mashup of some things I have been thinking about and notes from a recent sermon I heard. I should stress that this is my particular slant, and these are my notes. They may or may not be direct quotes, and I have certainly added to the beginning of this.
It strikes me that faithfulness is not highly regarded in this world. Witness the top two contenders for President of the United States at this moment. Both are pathological liars, but no one seems to mind (other than the other side, who turns a blind eye to their own side’s lies).
The Clinton legacy is all about lies. “Slick” Willy slithered around for eight years avoiding paying a cost for his moral depravity, and now his wife, who supported his actions and persecuted anyone who dared oppose them, is lying her way back to the White House.

Not that Donald Trump is really any better. In fact, I would argue he is far worse. At least with Clinton, you understand that she is lying for political gain. Even if you are repulsed by it all, you can understand how someone might give in to temptation and twist the truth. Trump, however, lies about things that do not even make sense. He basically lies for attention’s sake and nothing more!

At the basis of integrity is honesty. Without honesty, you cannot have faithfulness.

Sermon Notes on Faithfulness

Gal 5:22-23
Faithfulness is a fruit of God’s Spirit. It is an important concept.
Pistis – fidelity, faithfulness. The character of one who can be relied upon.
Same word as used for faith in Heb 11!
Vine’s believes faithfulness is better than faith in this instance, but the KJV (not NKJV) does not use “faithfulness”.
God practices faithfulness. We are to grow in faithfulness, to acquire this trait, this fruit of the Spirit we need to grow in.
Love chapter sheds light on this as well.
1Co 13:7-8
Faithfulness involves endurance. You must be steady _all_ the time, not just part of the time.
Love never fails. It is steadfast. It will be applied thru a faithful approach.
Heb word is similar.
Ps 36:5
God’s faithfulness is very high. He has this quality in a tremendously profound way.
Emunah – firmness, steadiness, steadfastness, faithfulness, trust, honesty.
It is certain, it is definite, it can be counted upon.
Ex 17:12
Moses req’d some help to be “steady”.
Isa 25:1
God says He will do something, He does something.
Dt 32:4
God of “truth”, emunah! He is truth.
Psalms 89:49
God’s word is more sure than the rising of the sun.
It relates to being a responsible indiv.
Ps 40:10
Ps 89:8
God’s faithfulness surrounds Him.
Abraham’s faith was based upon God’s proven faithfulness towards him.
One reason for this life is to prove our faithfulness. God needs to see that we will never waver from His ways.
Ro 4:20-22
Isa 11:5
The whole world will experience God’s faithfulness.
Jesus will marry the bride, the Church. It will be a relationship based upon total faithfulness, unlike what we see in the world.
Hos 2:19-20
This is beyond “til death do us part”. Not at all like marriages in the world today.
Mt 24 says these days would be shortened. Aren’t we hopeful that He keeps this promise?
Ro 3:3-4
It does not matter how faithless mankind is, God will always be faithful.
In common Gr, pistis is often translated “trustworthy”. It has been written that it refers to “one who is reliable”.
Lk 16:10
We need to try to be reliable in all things, even the little things. If we say, “Oh, that isn’t big; it doesn’t matter”, we are kidding ourselves. We are slowing tearing away at our character.
Mt 25:20-21
This servant was “faithful”, IOW “practiced faithfulness”, in little things.
Are we faithful, trustworthy, towards our mate, the Church, our employer? It is difficult to find employees even willing to come to work on time, let alone be faithful overall, according to many employers.
We need to increase that which the Master gave us, and that includes the fruit of faithfulness. It has a great bearing on our reward in the KOG.
Pr 25:13
They are looking for someone they can count on! Many bosses will reward faithful employees, although some of course might be stingier than others.
Do we have a good reputation? Can they say that we get things done? Are we punctual? Do we follow through? There are so many shades of meaning that can be applied under the category of “faithfulness”. God uses people who react in this way! He knows He can count on them to carry out His instructions. God respects those who carry through on their commitment at baptism.
Heb 3:1-5
God is faithful, even if we are not.
Jas 1:17
God changes not when it comes to His character, His mercy. That does not mean He won’t deal with us if we turn away from Him.
2Ti 2:13
By nature, God is faithfulness; He embodies faithfulness. Even if we falter, He does not let down on His part. He will do what He said.
2Ti 1:12
Paul knew God’s faithfulness, particularly at the resurrection.
1Th 5:23-24
Php 1:6
God will do His part. He will complete it. Only we ourselves can get in the way.
2Ti 4:16-18
Lam 3:22-31

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