James Malm's Lies: What's Old Is New Again

Jame’s Malm cannot help but lie. Recently he posted another slander:

Several years ago I wrote that LCG and COGWA would try to work together and received a lot of flack, especially from Bob Thiel and John Carmack who each took one inappropriate word out of its context to attack my comments.

No, that was not taking “an inappropriate word out of its context”! I present to you the original article I wrote 17 September 2012, and you can easily see that neither did I take anything out of context, but I used the very word he himself used over and over again! It’s another of James Malm’s lies that it was deliberately taken out of context.
I’ve been told that the accusations that someone throws at an opponent reveals the character of the person making the slander. I’m not sure I totally buy into that, but in this case it is obviously true. James Malm does the very thing he accuses me of all the time: He takes things out of context and distorts them. Of course, he also does so to all COG organizations and even the Bible itself in order to make his wild and inaccurate claims.
Of course, to cover his lies, he deleted all of his previous articles so you cannot look them up any longer. Fortunately, I quoted enough of them for posterity.
Seriously, why does anyone listen to this liar?
[Original article follows here.]
It would be nice if some people would finally wake up and realize just how far from the trunk of the tree they have wandered and seek to return.  Perhaps those who regularly read James Malm’s blog will realize this sooner or later.  He not only twists and maligns the words of others, but he cannot even represent himself truthfully.  Seriously, is this what some people mistake for a spiritual guide?

Although all the Charlotte-based evangelists of LCG have long known, and often worked with, many of the top leaders in COGWA and UCG, that keeping somewhat cordial relations with them should not be interpreted as some type of merger plan [No type of merger plan was ever at any time alleged by me!].  Dr. Meredith reiterated that none of them at any time talked seriously   [look at the qualifier “seriously” to see the double talk here.  They are admitting that even the issue of merger was explored!  Even though I did NOT say anything about any possible merger at all] …
~ “Soon The Only Sin Will Be; Intolerance for Sin” (emphasis his)

That article is aptly named.  Is bearing false witness a sin?  Ever is a very long time, after all.  Ever excludes anything from happening … well, ever.  Like since the beginning of time.  Similar to any time, I guess, but using both those phrases adds emphasis to the totality of what is being said.  However, in this case we actually only need to go back less than two years.

The other day I was criticised for using the phrase “from the highest sources” in mentioning the possibility of an LCG COGAWA merger.  I will not reveal those sources, but in confirmation I will present this Rod Meredith letter to the LCG elders.  This message clearly shows that he is inviting these people to join with the LCG.  I hope that Rod is a high enough authority for everyone.
~ “The LCG Reaches Out!” (emphasis mine)

I have speculated on a merger between the COGAWA and the LCG sometime in the future. We are still in the very early days yet and the COGAWA does not even have any permanent governance structure set up, however certain major pieces of the puzzle are coming in and such a merger may well take the form of a kind of cooperative effort; with the two groups maintaining their own leadership and identities as a means of resolving the important issue of who gets to be the leader; while at the same time engaging in very close cooperation in their activities.  More will be coming in the next few days.
~ “The Daily Sacrifice” (emphasis mine)

I do know that these resigning people are just about identical in doctrine with the LCG and that were thinking of a merger until the other faction in UCG said no. The COGAWA is likely to fail before long and there is the potential of a fullscale merger in the long term. Rod and Richard will not be around much longer and who knows what will come?
~ “Turning the Hearts” (comments section)

So, I wonder where RCM could have possibly have gotten the idea that someone had speculated about a merger?
The facts speak for themselves.

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