Some Recent Tweaks

I’ve made some recent changes that will help keep the software on the site updated. Of course, we live in a world of unintended consequences, and this is no more evident that when it comes to technology. So, if you notice anything really wonky, especially with RSS feeds and header information, please let me know either in the comments or on the Contact Me page.

Also, I have double-checked links on the Links List page and made some minor edits. If you want to add anything, again, either comment below or contact me on the Contact Me page. In addition, the blog listing was severely out of date in that there were a couple I’ve been reading for some time that needed to be added.
While on the topic of blogs, why don’t I have a “blogroll”? Well, for one thing, that is definitely old school. It does much better for the blog author for me to put the blog on a specific page than on a widget that shows up in the sidebar that appears on every page. It is about SEO. It is also about use of space. A blogroll was originally intended to get eyeballs on different blogs and help by linking to them, but people tend to ignore sidebars these days. So, they are not worth very much, either for SEO or to get them noticed. However, if on a single dedicated page, that means someone is actively searching for different blogs and sites and is more beneficial for searcher and searchee alike.
Of course, again, I don’t necessarily subscribe to everything any given blog author says. Like this blog, it is the author’s opinion (or perhaps organization, such as in Life Hope & Truth’s case). My criteria for evaluating the veracity of any article, website or blog is how close do they follow what the Bible says and not wander off the reservation.
Come to think of it, that should be everybody’s criteria.

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