Website Move Complete

The website move has been completed. As with anything involving technology, it did not go exactly as planned. 🙂 Yesterday should have been the worst day, as there was a conflict between the old site and the new site. It did pop up again this morning for a few hours, but hopefully that will be the last of that.  The only items left are a couple of minor configuration details that have me scratching my head (why did this work on the old site but not on this one?).

After the vandalism on the wiki, I’ve reinstated the policy that new users must do something within 60 days or their account will be removed as spam accounts.  To read this site, you do not need an account.  Both the blog and the wiki are public sites, but in order to cut down on spam you must have an account to comment.  If you are not going to comment, you do not need an account.  Most human beings procrastinate until the last minute, so normal human behavior is to create an account, verify it and then comment.  Otherwise, the account was probably created by an autobot and, therefore, spam.

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