The Biggest Underreported Story for the Month

Let’s see, which is more important: Kate Middleton having lunch or a news story of international economics that changes the landscape of the stock market?  Which would you choose?  Well, if you judge by the time spent on each story, you’d certainly think it was Kate Middleton.

It’s bad enough that the media circus doesn’t understand prophecy, but it has pretty degenerated into which tabloid you want to read, watch or listen to.  The parade of stars, especially the “bad” ones, are endless while real news gets lost in the mix.

The acquisition of the New York Stock Exchange by the German Deutsche Boerse may well have long term implications that none of us can yet see.

The immediate reason, as The Sun points out in “Big Board slowly becomes big relic”, is because the way the world has bought and sold stocks has changed drastically with technology taking over much of the game.  Instead of a floor of raucous stock traders, some competitors have eaten away at the NYSE with the steady hum of computers handling transactions thousand of miles away in split seconds (if that long).

Ironically, much of the problems in the US have been caused by the very things we have created and produced.  There is a cause for all of this, but we don’t see it because we as a nation have turned our back on the true source of knowledge as revealed in the Bible.  It’s as if a man standing in the midday were to shut his eyes and stumble into the streets!

Long term, though, the US is gradually giving over more and more of its control and influence to foreign powers, particularly to those in China and the European Union.  Neither is good and healthy.  One is downright dangerous.

The European Union as it is today does not meet the Biblical qualifications to be the Beast power portrayed in the Book of Revelation.  However, it has its roots in the “Treaty of Rome”, and it is a mild attempt to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire.  Europe has a long history of such attempts with Charlemagne, Napoleon, Hitler, etc., consolidating and wielding power.  This rise in power is more subtle, involves a lot more people and is seeking economic dominance before military dominance.  Whether they intend it or not, what they build today will eventually become a military force to be reckoned with.

The Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation both prophesy about various “beasts” from different vantage points.  Both talk of a beast with ten leaders who will give up their power to one.  This will turn out to be a major mistake, as this one leader will ravage war as never known before.  If it weren’t for the return of Jesus Christ to stop the carnage, the nations of world would destroy all human life on it!

However, it doesn’t stop there.  Jesus will resurrect those who have been faithful and true, and together they will build a Kingdom where justice and peace will prevail.  God speed that day!


  1. Combine this post with the one just below it, and I'd suggest the U.S. news media does have some sense (we could argue about how much) of which items are more important. The Arab world tumult has been first-section material on network evening newscasts for weeks.

  2. I suggest you try out the BBC News. You'll be surprised how much more in depth world coverage is.