Middle East Unrest, Where Will It Lead?

A lot of media focus has been upon Egypt lately with the civil unrest and the eventual stepping down of President Hosni Mubarak.  There is good reason for concern.  However, what the US news media seems to gloss over, if they mention it at all, is that the unrest didn’t start in Egypt, and it won’t stop there.  Unrest in Yemen, Bahrain and Libya are just some of the countries that are experiencing unrest as well.  The AFP also reported yesterday that a massive police presence blocked “large-scale protests” in Iran.

Whatever the outcome of these events in the short-term, we can be assured of one thing: Bible prophecy.  The Bible prophesies of a coming “King of the North” and a “King of the South”.  They will be major players on the world scene leading up to the marshaling of massive armies from all nations at Armageddon.

Why does God tell us of such events in advance?  Some have used this information in ways that the Bible says should not be done.  That will cause many to mock these prophecies.  However, that doesn’t change what God Himself foretold.  No, God wants us to get ready.  Jesus came to tell John of many things that would occur in the end times, not so we can be fearful, but rather so we can be ready – to meet Him!

Yes, Jesus is returning to this world to put away the violence, the evil, the oppression and the suffering all these and other sins brings upon mankind.  The question to ask yourself is: Are you ready?


  1. Can you please explain further about the "King from the North" and "King from the South" I am interested in an elaborate explanation of this, please..

  2. If you really want a detailed explanation, I'd suggest either UCG's booklet The Middle East in Bible Prophecy or COGWriter's detailed write-up on the subject Who is the King of the North?. Both of these have up to date information, although they certainly each have their own emphases on certain things.

    After recent world events, it might be worthwhile to reconsider if Egypt will be the coming King of the South to continue Daniel's prophecy.