Just a Glimpse of Fatherhood

A parent always hopes the best for their child.  I know my parents always did for me, and I know I was a disappointment at times.  As a parent myself, I certainly wish the best for my child as well.  Being a parent gives us a very small glimpse of what our Heavenly Father must go through with us.

How God must view the struggles of His children.  He allows us to make bad choices when we ignore all warnings and blindly go ahead as though all is well.  I’m sure He feels a deep sense of pain knowing our decisions will result in unnecessary pain.

Yet, He also takes great joy in us as well when we accomplish what we didn’t know or think we could.  He takes great joy in our talking with Him, asking Him to participate in our lives and celebrating the great blessings He has given us.

May there be more of the latter in your life than the former.

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