Webs.com Issues

Yesterday, some people on Facebook were having difficulty accessing the AC website using http://ucgcurrentcrisis.webs.com/.  This morning, it appears that webs.com may still be having problems, and I got a note that it is affecting only some people.  If you are having trouble using the above URL, you can try http://www.freewebs.com/ucgcurrentcrisis/ instead.


  1. Does He rule and reign in your hearts now? You can experience NOW His rule and reign. You can experience His kingdom NOW. He promises to live in you. Remember, Paul said, "To live is Christ."

  2. SafeTmanEd says: ^uhh, yeah!! OK

  3. Thanks for the new link John. I haven't been able to access and wanted to read Mr Rhodes resignation letter in light of Aaron Dean's Q&A. Also appreciated Dr Levy's account. He has always struck be as a humble man.

  4. The resignation letters are all under the Resignation Letters button on the toolbar.