Victor Kubik Injured

Facebook is abuzz this evening after a report that Victor Kubik took a serious fall while in either Zambia or South Africa.  He was taken to the hospital in South Africa and reportedly has two broken ribs and an air pocket between the ribs and lungs.  Prayer requests have gone out all around.


  1. My pastor announced he still plans to fly home to the USA Sunday night. (It's apparently a loooong flight.)

  2. I found this posted on another website and also received the same information from a friend via email.

    Update from Mrs. Kubik posted on UCG website this morning for those interested:

    "I wanted to update you on Vic Kubik’s condition. I recieved an early morning call that he had been taken back to the hospital and is in ICU. He had a rough night, at the hospital they found that blood had filled into the airpocket and they are draining that to relieve the pressure. One lung was partially collapsed and they are caring for that.

    I am told that he is in a very good hospital and church members are caring for him. I appreciate that very much as I feel so helpless being so far away.The doctor has told him that it will not be safe for him to fly home for about 10 days. We do thank everyone for your prayers.I know that God is good."

  3. Yes, God is good! I think they were originally saying he couldn't fly for 20 days or something like that.

  4. That is a scary, I'm glad he is in a good hospital and there are church members there to help.

    Does anyone have any information on how he fell?