Love In the New UCG

Before I got sidetracked with Mr Arctic Circle Guy, I was actually looking for something else.  One letter was posted on the UCG Current Crisis site, apparently from the daughter and son-in-law of a UCG member in Wichita, KS.  It is disturbing if true.  It appears that the member clicked on the Like button on a Facebook post.  For that, she received a phone call.  She decided not to change her mind about liking the post, and so she was suspended.  Worse, her suspension was announced to the entire congregation.

Yes, for pressing “Like” on Facebook.

What was it she “liked”?  I really would like to know what causes individuals who claim such “love” towards the brethren to disfellowship someone for agreeing with something said in a conversation!  The best I can tell, it was an open letter to the minister (Ed Dowd).  What was that about turning the other cheek, again?

You can read more about it, though, at or on FB at

Meanwhile, I also see from FB that the “love” continues in that Mr Hanisko of the Dells area was asked to not come to church any more.  Apparently, Bob Faye (sp?) is taking over.

In the meantime, remember: Thou shalt not like on Facebook.


  1. SafeTmanEd says…

    Yeah, I saw that one too over at AC's site. My first thought…wow, John Elliott is in the middle of this too! I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

    To be fair, the letter that she "liked" was a rather scathing dress-down of Dowd and others.

    But then again, I'm on here…oh no…someone might see me!! Oh well, come and get me!

  2. It's Bob Fahey, I believe.

    My UCG Pastor (not in Kansas) asked us over the weekend to pray about the "little bit of gridlock going on right now."

    Yes, that's exactly how he worded it. And he didn't mention any COE resignations, either.

  3. "little bit of gridlock going on right now."

    That's like saying the Hindenburg had an overheating problem

  4. From an outsider's perspective on the UCG stuff:

    "He who covers a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates friends." – Proverbs 17:9

  5. Love In the New UCG

    Looks like they plan to love us to death.

    Emphasis on to death!

  6. There's a song which speaks to this — from 1988.

  7. If Thiel is to be believed this has had devastating consequences for UCG with those congregations.

  8. @Anonymous, re: Thiel: I was thinking much the same thing. I take a lot of things Thiel says with a grain of salt, but you have to remember his exaggerations tend to be in the area of interpretation rather than the supporting facts. He seems to have an additional source for his info, and I have no doubt that he is reporting what he knows.

  9. I doubt the new letter posted on Real Time today is going to do much to resolve anything. It seems designed to hasten the coming split.

  10. Was it Bob Fahey who gave an excellent bible study message at the Wisconsin Dells' feast site this year? I think it was Bob and it was my favorite message of the whole 8 days.