The Last Great Day

Yesterday, I posited that the Millennium has a purpose. I also suggested that it was a global storage program. It is evident that all of the food and resources available could not be used by the people living at the time. So, it makes sense that the physical blessings serve a much larger purpose.

The purpose of giving it away to someone else. It makes no sense that it be all about get, as God is a God of give.

But, give to whom?

The people that this day represents: The Last Great Day.

After the Millennium, Satan is let loose one final time. All those advantages that physical mortals had during the Millennium will now be a disadvantage. Some, perhaps even most, will not be prepared for what’s to come. To make a long story short, though, Satan will deceive again and those who follow him will be destroyed. At that time, Satan will be put away once and for all.

Then, we see a Great White Throne of Judgment. Books, biblios, are opened. What books? The Bible! There is another special book called “The Book of Life”.

Ezekiel 37 outlines a physical resurrection. We know from Revelation 20 that there will be more than one resurrection. The first resurrection will be of the saints who are called during this present age. They will be spirit. However, the second resurrection of Revelation 20 will be all who have lived and never understood the truth. Their minds, eyes and hearts will be opened at last. Satan will not be there to deceive them any longer.

They too will have to become spirit eventually, for “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” (1Co 15:50). At the point of time we are referring to, it is still Christ’s Kingdom, and it has not yet been turned over to the Father.

Ezekiel 37 makes it clear that there is a resurrection to physical life, with sinews and flesh and breath. Rev 20 makes it clear that all will eventually be resurrected (as well as Jn 5:28). That means billions of people!

Think about it a moment. They will need clothing. They will have no food in their stomachs. They will need shelter.

Where will this all come from?

Why, from those who came before them! The ones who were alive in the Millennium, busy storing up these goods for the day this day symbolizes!

God is not the author of confusion (1Co 14:33). While He could just speak and make all those things, He usually chooses to work through people to accomplish His will.

So, it isn’t really a doctrine, and it’s nothing to start a church over (please don’t), but I think it is really likely that is why the Millennium is filled with such great physical blessings. It makes all those who live during it part of something much, much greater than themselves.

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