Why the Millennium?

In the Church of God (COG), we often hear about “the Millennium”, the time when Christ will return and setup His Kingdom for 1,000 years.  It will be marked on both sides by evil.  First, Satan will be put away for the 1,000 years, and then at the end he will be set loose.  For 1,000 years, there will be peace, prosperity and the keeping of God’s Laws.


Why such prosperity?  Why will the plowman overtake the reaper?  Why such great and bountiful blessings, especially of the physical type?

For example, who will use all that food?

God doesn’t seem the wasteful type.  What is the output or waste of one organism is food for another.

Furthermore, is it really all about what physical human beings will get?  Does the way of get seem to be God’s way?

It has been suggested, and I tend to agree, that what will be going on will be a great storage program.  Food and clothing will be created for billions of people.

What people?

More on that tomorrow.

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