Does Jesus Need You?

At first glance, the idea that an omnipotent God needs anything at all strikes one in an odd way.  In fact, it is sometimes used as a “proof” that God does not exist.

It boils down to what a “need” is.  I need to eat.  I need to sleep.  I have no control over these things, and if I do not get them, I die.  These are your basic needs.

I can live alone, out in the woods or the desert, and many have done just that.  Mountain men, hermits, and the like, used to be a part of the culture at various times and places.  While some of it is more myth than fact, it boils down to you can, in theory, live alone and survive.  It will certainly be more difficult, but it is possible.

So, do you “need” other people?  I would argue that you do.  In reality, hermits will come to town to sell or trade.  Mountain men were very independent, but they actually had camps they would meet, talk and trade.  True loners with no contact with the world are very rare indeed.

Even lesser desires are sometimes expressed as “needs”.  For example, I developed a “need” for an iPhone.  Shocking, I know.  I had a Blackberry for a couple of years, but it just wasn’t fulfilling its mission.  However, an iPhone did meet certain business needs of mine.  And so, while it wasn’t so much the iPhone I needed, it was the device that did meet my needs.  Thus, the needs were transferred to needing the iPhone.

Yet, I can live without an iPhone.  If need be, I can live without other people.  I’d rather have both, though.

God can live without us.  His existence does not depend upon us.  However, God desires a family so much that Jesus was willing to die – for us!

If that doesn’t define a need, I sure don’t know what does.

I want you to consider something.  I know it is the fall, and this is always read in the springtime, but some things are timeless.  The lessons are valid any time of year and often intertwine.  The holy days should remind us of certain aspects of God’s plan, but we should not lose sight of the larger picture.

Jesus was in anguish before His crucifixion.  He went with His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.  He asked His disciples to stay awake, watch and pray with Him.  What did they do?  They fell asleep!  At the lowest point in His life, He needed their company, and they fell asleep.  Thankfully, God the Father sent an angel to comfort Jesus at this time.

If Jesus needed comfort and support, are we any better?  Stronger?

I wish you all a fine Sabbath and an uplifting and edifying fellowship.

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