Welcome to the new digs! We have a new look and a new URL! We are now officially blog.churchofgodperspective.org!


  1. author@ptgbook.org

    I like your new banner.

    It always puzzled me why UCG would have a rule against their ministers speaking to outside groups. Obviously the ones who made this rule thought some harm could come of their ministers speaking outside of UCG, but I have no idea what they were thinking of.

  2. John D Carmack

    @author@ptgbook.org: Thanks. I wanted something that reflected the natural beauty of God's creation, and it came down to two of them in the end. I'm pretty sure I've seen the other in use, though, so I thought it best to go with this one.

    I have to agree that it makes no sense. I think it comes down to one of three things (or a combination of them): Fear of someone saying something wrong, Fear of loss of control, or just plain old school thinking.

  3. Wow – you planted trees for the new site and everything! 🙂

  4. John D Carmack

    Planting those virtual trees took a lot of virtual work, I'll have you know. ;->

    It was easier than changing the Blogger logo, at any rate. That's next on the list, as soon as I come up with something decent to replace it.

    And, no. No globes, no shields. It doesn't have to resemble a coat of arms.