Sabbath Truth Website

I recently came across a website called Sabbath Truth”. It is apparently a Seventh Day Adventist site, but it contains some real gems on it. For example:

Law and grace do not work in competition with each other but in perfect cooperation. The law points out sin, and grace saves from sin.

One of the sad things about the cloudy and murky doctrine of “church eras” is that it ignores other groups that have held fast to beliefs similar to ours, such as the seventh day Sabbath.

Some SDAs not only keep the seventh day Sabbath but also the holy days. If you look clearly at the history of the doctrines within the Church of God, one of the earliest families that kept the holy days were taught to do so by an SDA.

Some critics have come to the erroneous conclusion that HWA got many of his doctrines from the SDAs, when in reality those doctrines have been taught by a few even before he came on the scene. Some critics have especially gotten it wrong when they say the COGs came out of the SDAs when in reality the two groups split off when the SDA Church was formed because a small remnant insisted upon the name “Church of God”. However it is just as erroneous to ignore our common beginnings and in some cases even common beliefs.

I wish you all a pleasant Sabbath.

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