Living Church of God Commentary on Words

Davy Crockett of LCG recently posted the commentary “Sticks and stones“. It is a worthwhile read, as our society has become more “in your face” and downright rude over time. Long held values of civility seem to have been lost in the current age of the Internet and Fox News.

Yes, Fox News. I know some of you probably watch it. Even when I agree with what they are saying, though, I often find myself disagreeing with how they are saying it. “Interviews” are often nothing more than shouting matches. The latest incident with Shirley Sherrod only underscores the fact that they and their commentators often don’t check facts before shooting their mouths off.

We live in an age where people shout and do not listen. It’s emotional. It shows a heart problem. And it is getting worse.


  1. I don't have cable or satellite TV. But as I watched broadcast news coverage of the Sherrod case this week, I realized something — a lot of people in society want to make me angry. And they want me to be angry.

    The reason could be political, racial or something else. But I've worked with people over the years who only seem "happy" when they have something to be unhappy about.

    I was convicted of the need to ask God for help to overcome anger with love — the love of God, as expressed through Jesus Christ.

    Trouble is, sometimes I fear I hear the same kind of anger from COG pulpits — especially during the announcements, when ministers offer "news trends" analysis. The mention of God's love often gets downplayed, as something those churches "of the world" preach.

    I think UCG's new President is trying to change that, through some of his early messages from Cincinnati. At least I'd like to think so. And I hope the message sinks in.

  2. John D Carmack

    @Richard: Wow! You are so spot on! Thanks for the comment.