Aung San Suu Kyi’s Birthday Marks More Time Passed in Detention

The BBC News posted the article, “Aung San Suu Kyi’s supporters mark her 65th birthday”.  As I stated before, I did not believe the government of Myanmar had any intention of releasing her before the fall elections, and it looks like this prediction will unfortunately come true.

Myanmar is a country ruled by military dictators who fiercely campaign against some of the hill tribes of the country, particularly the Karen.  The Karen tribes were the amongst the hardest to convert to Christianity through what was nothing short of a series of miracles.  In fact, the irony is that Myanmar’s official religion is Buddhist, which is normally associated with nonviolence except for self-defense.

Some Karen over time read their Bibles and became Sabbatarian.  One evangelist travelled up and down throughout the region on foot proclaiming the truth about the Sabbath.  Some eventually got their hands on literature from various sources and began keeping some of the holy days as well.

There really are two stories here, and both are a snapshot of the world today.  First, Satan hates the Church.  I fully believe that the reason the Karen are prime targets is because he wants to stamp out any remnant of God’s Church.  It is similar to the Book of Revelation where he comes after the remnant of God’s Church after a portion of it flees to a place of safety.

Second, this is a world held captive.  Many have been born into, will live their entire lives and die in captivity.  They will know no other existence.  Like Suu Kyi’s oppressors, Satan promises a freedom that never comes.

Let us pray more fervently, “Thy Kingdom come.”


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