News Roundup: CGIC, Church Splits and Jesus Statue

A couple of unrelated news items…

I came across the article “Church of God, an International Community“ recently.  It is an interesting read even if it is biased, given all that has happened at UCG lately.  I am sure that various bloggers and such will have varying views on it, but I still think it is noteworthy that predictions for another UCG split have still failed to come to pass.  At very least, it is interesting to look at 2 somewhat similar situations and see very different outcomes.

I’ll repeat the question: “Does unity always mean absolute 100% agreement in all matters large or small?”  I think it is important that if I like eggs for breakfast but my wife wants cereal that it doesn’t mean we are headed to divorce court.  Likewise, it is important to discern important spiritual matters from those that are just opinion.

Those that cannot distinguish such matters might end up in a cult that worships a man as an intermediary between them and God, tells them who they can or cannot marry and splits up families just because they do not belong to the same church.

Meanwhile, I could not resist sending a friend a link to the story about how here in Ohio a “60ft Jesus statue burns to ground” after being struck by lightning.  We were just talking the other day about a similar incident in Colorado where “Lightning Strikes, Damages Jesus Statue At Mother Cabrini Shrine”.  His point was that the entire shrine was idolatrous.  I told him to be careful because the argument could backfire on him. :)  It will be interesting to see what he has to say about this incident.

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