Teacher Fired for “Fornication”

Here is a story that caught my interest, if for no other reason that it leaves me somewhat conflicted.  Today at MSNBC.com posted about a Florida “Teacher fired for premarital sex”.  She worked at Southland Christian School, and her troubles started when she requested maternity leave.

I have no doubt that a court will probably rule against the school, since enforcing the religion of secular humanism upon every citizen in this country is what the courts seem to do best.  However, it seems to me quite clear that a religious organization should be able to enforce its own rules.  And, yes, a “Christian school” should be considered thus.  That’s what parents pay extra money for.

She also seems to have no qualms taking her brethren to court.  It seems all around she doesn’t seem inclined to set a good example, thus justifying the dismissal.

It equally seems odd to me that she would have been taken aback by any of this.  Why would it be a surprise that a Christian school uphold its teachers to a certain level of conduct?

Having said all that, does the punishment fit the crime in this case?  Is dismissal an overreaction?  Where’s forgiveness in all of this?

I know in advance that some will point to the woman caught in adultery in John 8 as a parallel.  I submit to you that it is not the same situation.


  1. Courts in recent years (especially appeals courts) have tended to rule on the side of Christian churches and schools being allowed to have and enforce their own rules of conduct.

    We've had an even sadder situation in my area in the last couple of weeks — a teacher in Christian schools being charged with underage sex with her students.

  2. Because Joseph was a just man, when he thought Mary had engaged in immoral sex, he decided to "put her away" privately. He had compassion even though he felt wronged. This was not the case at this Florida school. The faculty, parents and students were notified that the teacher was being fired because she had premarital sex. Sounds like gossiping to me. We should be known by our love for one another. Where is the love and compassion? Exodus 22:16 says, "And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his wife." Though the teacher was not a "maid" but a widowed woman, she and the gentleman got married. We can never go back and change our sins/errors. All we can do is repent and go forward from that point. Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more. It is sad that this case is being aired in the media. Some have already turned away from Christianity because of perceived self righteousness and intolerance among Christians. High moral standards are important but must be tempered with love, compassion and forgiveness.