Legacy Institute Feast Information

Last week, I received information about the Feast of Tabernacles in Chiang Mai, Thailand as hosted by Legacy Institute.  Chiang Mai is conveniently located so that people can travel from Bangkok, Laos or Myanmar in order to attend the Feast.  It will be once again held at the Empress Hotel in downtown Chiang Mai.  Unfortunately, I don’t see the information online yet.

My wife and I have attended the Feast there at least 3 times in the past, and we’ve loved it every time.  Of course, my wife is Thai, so that helps. 🙂

Having said that, it is actually one of the most economical trips you can make, once you get past the plane fare.  In spite of the low dollar and high Thai Baht rates, the room costs $270 for a single person or $320 for two sharing a room for 8 nights.  In most locations in the States, the same cost would be more than $560!

In addition, you can pay an activity fee of $150 for adults (less for children) that includes transportation between the airport and the hotel, 2 buffet dinners, 2 buffet lunches, a BBQ poolside dinner, a visit to the school including transportation, Mae Taman elephant show, a tour of one of the royal projects sponsored by H.M. the Queen of Thailand, an orphanage visit and a T-shirt.

This year, the Empress Hotel is also granting visitors 50% of on laundry and dry cleaning.  Laundry and dry cleaning aren’t that expensive outside the hotel, but I’ve avoided using the hotel’s in the past because of the price difference.  This will certainly make it a lot more attractive (plus, you won’t have to haul it to/from the laundry).

BTW, I would count on using a laundry service at least once unless you’ve packed your entire wardrobe (not recommended).  Once the activities start, you’ll not have time.  Plus, Asian laundry services are very thorough.  Your dress shirts will come crisp and ironed.  I couldn’t do that if I tried.  Lastly, there is a night bizarre and tailor shops all over, and you might want to buy a couple of Thai silk shirts.  You might want to bring extra cash and get a good suit for a reasonable price!

If you develop withdrawals from certain Western carbs, then Chiang Mai is just Westernized enough to offer some of the most popular restaurant chains that you can recognize, including the infamous McD’s.

So, if you haven’t decided yet where to go, you might want to consider Chiang Mai.

PS: Legacy Institute has not endorsed this post, nor did I request permission prior to publication.  Please double-check all facts with them in case of errors or misunderstandings.  I will not be responsible for someone’s lack of follow-up on any item listed or not listed above.

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