(Somewhat) Bizarre Friday: “Humans Should Fear Aliens”

It seems that Stephen Hawking believes that “Humans Should Fear Aliens” in a story in the Huffington Post, via COG-FF’s website. He states that aliens might come to plunder our resources.

That is not the only bleakness in his interview, either. He believes that human beings must colonize space or risk extinction. In addition, climate change is one thing we must “absolutely” contend with. He says in response to whether or not we will survive, “Maybe.”

Of course, the future need not be so bleak. The good news is that we will not be plundered by space invaders, and mankind will survive. The irony, though, is that many will mistake mankind’s rescuer as a space alien! They will see many wild events going on and attack the very one who can bring peace to the planet!

How do I know this? There is a source of revelation that many in this world reject. They don’t like its message at all! Because if they were to allow themselves to believe it, they might have to change! They may have to give up their selfish and destructive desires.

Herbert W Armstrong often talked about a missing dimension. He often spoke about how the world turns to every source for answers except one: The Bible.

The Bible reveals there is hope for mankind. Jesus Christ not only came to save the world from sin, but He will come again to save the planet from annihilation. Mankind’s selfishness and greed have caused grievous problems on this planet, and Jesus will come again to stop the madness.

Because, otherwise, there really is no hope for mankind.

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