“Cable News Thinking”

Seth Godin wrote on Seth’s Blog an article about "The problem with cable news thinking".  I am pleased that he doesn’t single out one side or the other in his commentary, as all political persuasions seem to be guilty of it.

It should come as no shock to you that I consider most of the stuff that passes for “news” these days is more tripe than anything else.  Even the “commentary” is either shallow thinking or shouting matches.

Godin compares the traits he writes about to company board meetings, but, you know, I have to wonder how many churches, both in and out of COG circles, reflect these traits as well.

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  1. I worked for 11 years at HLN — back when it was Headline News (with or without the CNN), and back when it had 24-hour newscasts.

    I don't have cable or satellite now, but Robin Meade of HLN is still my choice for morning news on the road. It's chock full of news — as opposed to hour-long programs with fewer stories, but more Q&A/debate/yakking.

    But those other shows DO get viewers: Nancy Grace has been topping CNN's Campbell Brown newscast in the ratings lately.

    As for your link: I'm drawn to trait #10. How many COG members over the years have concluded a minister's opinion is the truth — whether about news events fulfilling end-time prophecy, Bible teaching or something else?

    Back when we were told ministers had "double portions of the spirit," members almost had to conclude the minister's statements were true. If you didn't, weren't you risking "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" — and the lake of fire?

    Hopefully COG's have grown out of that misunderstanding. But sadly, perhaps not all of them have.