Update & Republish: UCG Fasting Gone Viral

Sorry about those last posts.  I forgot that SMS breaks up messages into multiples.

April 25, 2010 is unofficially named day of prayer and fasting, according to one Facebook group. This may be history in the making. This is to my knowledge the first ever viral activity that has been started by and for a Church of God.

A "viral" object or activity is one that spreads electronically person to person through Twitter, email and various forms of social networking. This definitely shows the power of the Internet. Most viral objects are jokes and the like, but there are some causes that have used it as well.

What is interesting about this is that this is a grass roots movement.  From the page:

This is not an official church wide fast, just something I am doing and I wanted to invite others to join with me.

The Facebook group is April 25 – A Day of Fasting for UCG Unity


  1. Viral indeed — as my UCG Pastor didn't mention it today. (He admitted not being into Facebook and Twitter.) He suggested prayer and fasting in general for the church, though.

    In fact, thank YOU John — because I used your
    "Sin of Disunity" post as a basis for study during a prayer and fasting day this past week. Your timeliness was superb!

  2. John D Carmack

    @Richard: I would have been surprised if he had. I would even be suspicious, seeing as it is strictly an unofficial request from a member. Last night, there were only 6 members, but today it has 146. I see several people I know have signed on. Not bad for a group only 28 hours old!

    You're welcome, but I would be most dishonest if I were to take credit for the timeliness of that article. It was in reaction to something completely unrelated, at least from my standpoint. It appears, however, that God had shaped events for a picture larger than my mind could grasp at the time!