Some UCG Members Pushing for Governance Review

I found out via Facebook that there are some pushing for a proposal for governance review to be presented to the General Council of Elders (GCE) of UCG.  It appears that there are some not happy with the idea, and there is the insinuation that this is what ultimately caused the latest upheaval.

I have reviewed the document on “Resolution to Establish a Governance Review Task Force”, and, at least at first glance, it sounds like a good idea to me.  If it is true that this caused the latest upheaval, then I have to wonder what is to be feared by simply probing into such a matter.  While one could be cynical and claim that it is an attempt to change governance, it seems to be structured in such a manner that any recommendation to do so would not be done lightly.

At any rate, there is now a Facebook group United Church of God – current crisis? for discussion of the topic.


  1. I have read all the latest letters, etc and analysis of UCG people comments. How absurd for some like Larry Sayler to now say UCG's governance is wrong…when the entire basis of it was political with voting from the start. Human nature abounds in all of us; many of us non-UCGers saw the fatal flaw from the beginning and what is happening is no surprise. Sayler was the catalyst to split up Global- he wanted Council rule vs one-man rule (Dr. Meredith). Now he wants one-man rule? Leopard is changing spots…but of course if HIS man is name then ok lets have 1 man rule (and move to Texas, among other agendas). Sadly, I do see an ugly split in UCG and would counsel anyone to stay away from flip-floppers who have caused splits before. Better yet, UCGers should evalute the entire reason they joined it and consider there is probably a better alternative for them. But the great majority will stay with their UCG pastor/congregation and life will go on in this last era of the Church for now.

  2. At UCG today, the Pastor said the issue was NOT the document itself. It was the matter of this "official-looking resolution" (quoting him) it being slipped into a G.C.E. packet without the Council of Elders knowing about it — and the Council of Elders then being told through two sets of attorneys it was out of bounds.

    The Pastor called it an "end run operation," and that led to Mr. Kilough being asked to resign. The Pastor noted the COE "had to do it with David Hulme" years ago as well — and he declared this was a case where UCG's organizational structure worked.

    P.S. The sermon was about the adultery commandment.

  3. John D Carmack

    @Richard: Well, maybe you'll see another side in a few minutes when I post the next article.