Scientists Recognize Biblical Plagues, Sort Of

According to the Telegraph, “Biblical plagues really happened say scientists“. The article states:

Researchers believe they have found evidence of real natural disasters on which the ten plagues of Egypt, which led to Moses freeing the Israelites from slavery in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, were based.

But rather than explaining them as the wrathful act of a vengeful God, the scientists claim the plagues can be attributed to a chain of natural phenomena triggered by changes in the climate and environmental disasters that happened hundreds of miles away.

You know, it sort of reminds me of how someone once tried to explain that Jesus was able to walk on water because it was cold and sheets of ice formed on the lake that could support the weight of a person. To which, I would have to reply, “So what?”

Why is it that some believe that giving something a “scientific” explanation makes it not a miracle? It is even more amazing because these “explanations” are really wild speculations without any evidence, let alone proof.

It’s as annoying as when people ask why there are no miracles today. Go to a hospital, go up to a maternity ward and peer through the glass at the newborns. Life. It is a miracle. Just because it is all about us every day doesn’t diminish its importance or rarity in the universe.

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