Pergamos and the Changing Church

Today, I flipped on the radio just long enough to catch the tail end of Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah.  Apparently, he is among those who believe in church eras, and he is going through the Book of Revelation.  Regardless, I was shocked.  He gave a rather brutal assessment of how paganism came into Christianity.  He even admitted how Constantine was an unconverted pagan who presided over the Council of Nicea.  Very frank talk.

Yet, even though he admits to the infiltration of “pagan festivals” (yes, he used that phrase), will he give them up?


  1. The obvious answer to your question is no — well, at least not at this time.

    But I recall hearing Dr. Jeremiah several years ago as I drove home from the Last Great Day services, giving a message on the future kingdom from several chapters of Revelation. He might not have planned it that way, but it was a very timely and inspiring end to the fall festival season.

  2. John D Carmack

    Oddly enough, the same day, Alistair Begg also gave a message which had a huge subplot on reading what is in the text and only what is in the text. Of course, the entire message was in "preparation for" Palm Sunday. 🙁

    I just keep thinking, "So near, yet so far."

    You are right, though. One day everyone will have the chance to understand.