Perspective: America’s real foundational problem (

Sadly, I was unable, either during or after, to view the Ken Ham “State of the Nation 2” speech. However, I’m sure this article probably sums what he covered:

Perspective: America’s real foundational problem (

While we would probably all agree that the US was never really a “Christian nation”, it is mostly willful ignorance to discard the fact that our founding fathers started this nation with certain Christian ideals they desired to put into place.

God often blesses nations and individuals to the extent in which they follow His laws. That is especially true for the descendants of Abraham. God often also allows trials and tribulations upon nations and individuals to the extent in which they ignore His laws. That also is especially true for the descendants of Abraham.

Whatever morality this nation may have once had and was founded upon has definitely been thrown out the window. Even the mention of God becomes more and more restricted in public speech every day. There are prophecies throughout the Bible for Israel depicting their fate if they turn their backs upon God. Frankly, even if you do not believe in British Israelism, you should take heed to those prophecies as they should also apply to nations that once claimed to be “under God” but then reject Him.


  1. My UCG Pastor's sermon this past weekend was titled "The Point of No Return." He says the USA has passed it, and is now doomed to crash.

    G.M. will not recover, he declared. The STD rate will not come down. The country will not return to prayer or mass Bible reading, and religious fasting will continue to decline.

    Trouble is, the pastor resorted to exaggerated facts to make some points. For instance, he indicated ALL manufacturing jobs have left the USA, when Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers show the number is down one-third in ten years. I concluded it's fundamentalist math: 2/3 = 0.

  2. @Richard: Words are always odd things. The irony of your fundamentalist math statement is that "fundamentalist" almost always has "literal" somewhere in the definition. ;->

    So, when was the point of no return? What generation hasn't said, "This cannot go on much longer"?

    Perhaps your pastor should read 2Ki 18-19. I'll bet Hezekiah thought it couldn't last much longer. Ahab believed that it was the point of no return to the extent that he decided to kill Elisha, but things turned around dramatically even then.

    If I have learned nothing else in this life, it is that as long as there is life and breath, there is opportunity. Think of Joseph.