The Apostle

Well! There he goes again! It seems that he goes on and on about the same old subjects, doesn’t he? In fact, the older he gets, the more he seems to get stuck in a rut!

It is obvious his health wasn’t what it was once. His eyesight in particular must be really bad. He is certainly short, too. Not the type of person you would think of as an “apostle”.

There are some who would deny he was one, though. Certainly, there seems to be those that think that [name deleted] would make a better one. Then, some claim they follow [name deleted]. After all, what credentials does he have that he was ever to be of that chosen rank? Wouldn’t an apostle have to have lived, slept and travelled with Jesus Himself? Obviously, he didn’t do that!

Then, there are all of the rumors. People claim that he said [deleted] or [deleted], or perhaps that he did this or that. You wonder if they are true or not. Then, there are those letters that supposedly say other things. Sometimes, you really aren’t sure what to believe.

And, what about his belief that Christ would return in his lifetime? Didn’t happen, did it? Yet, there he is, still pontificating that Christ would return “soon”. Is he really admitting that he is going to die first, then? About time he realized that his false notions are being exposed!

Yet, he still seems to speak with “authority”. What “authority” might that be, anyhow? He was wrong about Christ returning in his lifetime, so what else might he be wrong about? Maybe some of the rumors are true as well.

Has he finished speaking yet? He’s so boring in person! Some say they like his style of preaching, but frankly there are stories of people falling asleep during his sermons. Still, he seems to resonate with some people.

I suppose that after his death, many will splinter off and form their own churches. They will twist his words to their own ends and seek to gather a following after themselves.

Well, it looks like “Apostle” Paul has finished speaking, and someone is helping him off of the platform. Maybe one day mankind will invent something to help people with poor eyesight.

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