Legacy Institute Updates

Last week, Leon Sexton put out another video message.  This time, instead of emailing it, he sent a link to subscribers.  I suggest that those who are interested in the work in SE Asia subscribe to the Legacy updates.  You can find subscription instructions at http://www.legacy.org.  The video is “Why Jerusalem?” and is posted at http://www.legacyinstitute.org/videos/whyjerusalem/whyjerusalem.html.

Shortly after posting the video, a regular update letter was sent out stating that their mailing address will be moved to Monrovia, CA.  No reason was given.

Sexton wrote in the letter a statement I heartily agree with, but few in this world really seem to understand:

God waves no magic wand. He uses human beings to further His strategic Plan. The battle between God and Satan hasn’t ended. God is still on His throne: Satan is still The Adversary; and, we are on the battlefield engaged in spiritual warfare. That is why God admonishes us to put on the armor He provides

Please pray for God’s work worldwide, including SE Asia.  May the Gospel be preached mightily in these end times.

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