Reflections: “Middle of the Road”

“Middle of the road” is a term that gets bandied about from time to time. To some, it means “compromise”. It often is viewed as the epitome of selling out and not standing for one’s principles. To others, though, it means not going to extremes. It is viewed as a way of staying on the road and out of the ditch.

The problem, of course, is that at some point, all analogies break down. Different views are going to result in different interpretations of the specifics of what is a broad and general principle.

For example, what is it about the saying that smacks of compromise? After all, is it really compromise to not drive off of the road? Is it compromise to obey the law? Then, why would it be compromise to stay within the lines?

And, then there’s the whole question of where the “middle of the road” really is. Does that mean simply to stay within the lines? What about the emergency lane? Does it count? Are you in the “middle of the road” as long as you’re not in the ditch?

Could there be a more important question? What road are you traveling on? Is it going in the right direction?

Jesus spoke of taking the narrow road. If you are on the wide road, then going off the road is a lot harder, but it will still take you into the wrong direction. The narrow road goes into the right direction, but be careful because you can jump the curb more easily.

When you think about how narrow the road is, perhaps it isn’t so difficult to see how some in the COG get off into the weeds so easily.

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