SDAs on Rapture

I have posted before about a series of David Asscherick, a Seventh Day Adventist, in order to compare and contrast.  I have not yet seen the entire series, but they are educational.

There is a YouTube video of part of his video on the Rapture.  It is interesting, as I don’t know much about their teachings on it other than, like us, they do not believe in a “secret rapture”.  What struck me, though, is that some of his remarks are very similar to some comments by Garner Ted Armstrong after he left WCG.

You are probably aware that CGI and ICG do not teach a Place of Safety for the Church in the usual sense.  Instead, they teach that true worshipers will be protected in place.  Their interpretation of the various sayings of “One will be taken, and the other one left” seems more in line with SDA theology.  The only difference I can see right off is that GTA taught that “taken” was more like being dragged away, presumably to be imprisoned from what I gathered him saying.

I’d like to study this little nugget more.  Today, though, I’m a little under the weather, so it will need to wait.

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