Why the Millennium?

Hopefully, you are being fed good food during the Feast, both physically and spiritually.  As the Feast winds down, I hope you have re-grasped the wonderful vision of what the world will be like under Christ’s rule.

Have you ever considered why a thousand years?  Why not a hundred?

You realize, of course, that much of this time will be spent in rebuilding the earth.  Yes, the desert will bloom, and that will be wonderful.  But, who will plant the flowers?  We read about beating swords into plowshares, but who will be doing that?  We read about the massive cleanup effort of seven months (Eze 39:12).

But, why?

Everyone will live in peace and prosperity.  The reaper will overtake the sower.  Why such abundance?

Does God give us anything that He does not expect to be shared?  No, God blesses people so they can bless others.

After the Millennium will be the second resurrection.  When you read through Eze 37, you see bones and sinews and flesh.  There is wind or breath.  No clothing.  No food.  How will these people eat?  What will they wear?

You see, the Millennium is a time of plenty to prepare for the billions of people who have ever lived and not known the truth.  There are about 6 billion on this planet today.  There were likely about 2 billion at the time of Noah’s flood.  How many more billions were there in-between?

We are preparing now to rule and train people in the Millennium.  In turn, they will be preparing physically and spiritually to take care of still more others after the second resurrection.

God will not leave any stone unturned in trying to reach people to enter His family.

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