Reflections: Eulls Saves Lives

Sometimes, you just come across a story of someone who does something so heroic, so courageous and so, well, good, that you have to make mention of it.  I just wish I had gotten the chance to post it sooner.

On, it was reported that “Eulls saves 22 lives from armed student”.  It is a story about how Kaleb Eulls managed to reason with a 14 year old girl with a .380 semi-automatic while letting others on the bus escape.

Yazoo County Sheriff Tommy Vaughn was quoted in the Jackson, Miss., based The Clarion Ledger saying "If it hadn’t been for this star football player, things could have been different. He didn’t go overboard, but he did exactly what it took to get her on the ground.

"He made the statement to one of my deputies that if she was going to shoot anyone he would rather she shoot him. Watching him do that and him doing such a heroic act and not even caring about his own safety, that’s something you don’t see every day."

No, you don’t see that sort of courage everyday.  You might remember how in a roundup article I did that “No One Helps Rape Victim on New York Subway”.  Not only did 2 employees of the subway system not intervene, but the attacker had time to rape her twice before the police showed.

It is refreshing to see courage instead of callousness.

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