HWA Most Important Man To Walk This Earth Since Jesus Christ?

Daniel E Cohran of the Philadelphia Standard makes the claim in this video that most in WCG believed that Herbert W Armstrong “was the most important man to walk this earth since Jesus Christ walked this earth over 2,000 years ago.”

It seems that Cohran has a website “Hold Fast to ‘All things’” or “Herbert W. Armstrong” depending upon which title you look at.  Frankly, it appears to be another site to idolize HWA.

God used Mr Armstrong, of that I have no doubt.  However, calling him the “most important man” since Jesus is another matter.  If nothing else, what of the Apostle John?  I guess he only wrote Scripture, after all.  How about William Tyndale?  OK, he wasn’t COG, but was he not used by God, nonetheless?  The KJV wouldn’t have been possible without his work.  But, again, that’s only translating Scripture, you know.

Idolatry inevitably leads to other erroneous doctrines.  Since HWA was the “most important man to walk the earth since Jesus”, then no one can fill his shoes.  So, why even try?  No, instead we will lie down and give up.  We will selfishly look after ourselves instead of doing the work that God has given us.  We will look after our own desires instead of looking to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave the Church.

Sorry, but I find the very idea repugnant and offensive.  If it were possible, I’d even bet HWA would spin in his grave over some of the stuff that goes on in his name today!

Cohran states in that video that Mt 24:14 has been fulfilled and “the true Gospel has been preached to the world as a witness.  Unfortunately, many today, the vast majority of God’s people, are trying to duplicate a work that has already fulfilled prophecy.  It is a work of futility.”

HWA has been dead for almost 24 years!  Ask someone under 25 if they remember him!  How is it that he was a witness “and then shall the end come” if he’s been gone for 24 years but we are still here?  Where is the end?  I don’t see it!

So, is it love to not spread the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God when the vast majority of the earth does not even know the true Gospel?  Can we really “love thy neighbor as thyself” and not even give a warning?

Jesus said to “teach all nations” (Mt 28:19).  We are to make disciples.  When are we supposed to stop?  “The very end of the age” (v 20)!


  1. If nothing else, what of the Apostle John? I guess he only wrote Scripture, after all.

    Didn't you hear the ministers years ago, who declared the writings of HWA someday would be scripture as well?

    David Albert said so, in a sermon sent to all WCG congregations in the early 80's. Methinks some ministers in scattered COG's still think that now. (Personally, I don't.)

  2. I quit attending for the most part by 78. So, I had never heard that sermon. If I had heard a sermon with a definite declaration of HWA's writings becoming Scripture, I'm not sure I would have come back under the circumstances, honestly.

    However, I do remember spotty speculation, even before when Mystery of the Ages first came out. When MOA came out, though, I think the rumors had gotten so bad the minister had to say something. He said something to the effect that we don't always know what God is doing through His Church, so it is a possibility that some of his writings could become part of Scripture, just as Paul didn't necessarily realize the letters he was writing would become Scripture. Then, he went on to say it wasn't likely, though, and he turned to Heb 1:1-2.

    I dunno. Maybe I was more blessed back then than I'll ever truly realize.

    As far as ministers believing it, you don't have to look very far. PCG spent money in order to have the right to distribute MOA. Why? "The book is the centerpiece of our religion. It is what we believe." What is that, if it isn't the belief that MOA is Scripture?