A Not-So COG Link

What comes to mind when you hear “The Plain Truth”.? If you are or have been a member of the Church of God, you probably think of a magazine.

However, there is a blog called “The Plain Truth” subtitled “God’s Hand Behind Today’s News”. It showed up on my radar because of the following blurb from “Was Roger Babson Right?”:

{Editors Note: Herbert Armstrong died in 1986 at the age of 96. Armstrong, and his son Garner Ted were years ahead of their time when it came to foretelling what would happen in the world. They predicted long before anyone else of the coming European Union (in 1934!) They were able to do this by reading and understanding the Bible. Armstrong ran a publication called THE PLAIN TRUTH. At its zenith, it was one of the most read magazines in the world with a subscription of some 17 million copies a month. Although our Plain Truth website has NOTHING to do with Armstrong or any Church (we are NOT a church organization) we do try and show our readers that to understand the news, one must understand God and HIS word. All the answers are there…. Here is an excerpt from a letter that is some 25 years old! How it rings true. What is the real cause of the depression (yes that it what we have!) we are in? Read on and see if the following letter doesn’t speak for today!}

Best I can tell, it covers mostly politics. While they seemingly distance themselves from HWA in the above blurb, it does appear that the bloggers believe the US is descended from the tribe of Joseph and that the EU is or will become the Beast power of Revelation, as well as some other items similar to doctrines and other teachings of the Church.

So, is this a Church of God link? I guess I’m not sure.

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