The Fall Feast Days and the Day of the Lord

The September Legacy Letter just came out. For those who are not aware, Legacy Institute is a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand that teaches its students English, computer skills, agriculture and the Bible. Leon Sexton was a minister in WCG under Herbert W Armstrong, and he continues to teach in the Church of God (COG) tradition.

I think it is easy to forget one aspect of the fall Holy Days. We have much to look forward to and rejoice about. However, the rest of the world will not see it that way as the prophesied events take place. I daresay very few of them will even have any idea of what is going on. Their need for a Savior will be all too apparent by that time, but they won’t know to Whom to call out to!

Mr Sexton wrote:

The Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, and the Last Great Day of the Feast are for them too! Maybe they don’t know it yet, but WE DO!

While we are feasting and enjoying a foretaste of the peace, safety, and prosperity of the Kingdom of God under the leadership of the Great Christ Jesus, what will the rest of the world be doing?

I will tell you what they will be doing. They will be blindly careening down the toboggan slide of destruction as the world continues to march faster and faster toward the time of terrible cataclysm called by God’s prophets “the day of the Lord.”

Part of preaching the Gospel is to warn the world about what is coming before Jesus returns bringing the Kingdom. Also part of our job is to prepare ourselves to help receive God’s children who will be coming back home to Him.

Sobering but true words.

We need to remember that preaching the Gospel is not an option. It is a mandate. Even if very few are called at this time, there will come a time that people will need to heed and remember! We can only plant the seeds. God must water and give growth!

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